7 Most Important Japanese Words at Work

These are some common phrases/words that you must use at work.   1. おはようございます。Ohayou gozaimasu. Situation: when you get work. Even you get to work in the afternoon or in the evening, you would say おはようございます as a greeting when you arrive at work. This is mostly within the company, and you don’t really say it to your client unless it’s in the morning.   … Continue reading 7 Most Important Japanese Words at Work

Japanese Hamburger Steaks

In Japan, a hamburger-steak or ハンバーグ hambagu, is more popular than a hamburger. It is basically the hamburger pate, but the ingredient in it is a bit different. First of all, the grounded meat is not 100% beef, but it is usually mixed with grounded pork. With 50% grounded beef and 50% grounded pork, chopped onions, eggs, and panko, which is bread crumbs, are in it. This … Continue reading Japanese Hamburger Steaks

Useful and Practical Japanese Phrases Starting from た、ち 、つ、て、と (・ω・)

(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) Let’s study 5 often used Japanese phrases. Today we’re gonna explain the phrases starting from た、ち 、つ、て、and と!!! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=) ♡o。+..:*♡o。+..:*♡o。+..:* た・・・たちの悪い~ (たち の わるい)Bad quality たち(質)= quality/attitude/personality 悪い=bad たちの悪い~ bad quality of ~ (noun) Ex. たちの悪い冗談 Bad joke. Ex. たちの悪い友達 Bad friend.   ち・・・力を合わせる (ちから を あわせる) Work all together as a team/combine forces ちから= power 合わせる=get together 力を合わせて put all hands together 力をあわせれば~できるIt can … Continue reading Useful and Practical Japanese Phrases Starting from た、ち 、つ、て、と (・ω・)

Learning Japanese from Twitter

【次回はシーズン3 ほんとにほんとの最終回】介護士夫婦がゲスト!過酷な現場の「光」と「陰」を明らかにしてくれます #ねほりんぱほりん pic.twitter.com/ATgQe7CALL — NHK ねほりんぱほりん (@nhk_nehorin) March 20, 2019 ストレス過多(すとれす かた) Overstressed ストレス=stress 過多=too much/over/excess Ex. ストレス過多で仕事を辞めた。(すとれす かた で しごと を やめた)I quit a job because of too much stress. Ex. ストレス過多で調子が悪い。(すとれす かた で ちょうし が わるい)I don’t feel well because of too much stress. 我慢の限界(がまん の げんかい) can’t stand it anymore/reached the limit of my endurance (patience) 我慢=endurance 限界=limit Ex. あなたのだらしなさには、我慢の限界だよ!(あなた の … Continue reading Learning Japanese from Twitter

Japanese Mafia, Yakuza

Yakuza is a Japanese mafia. They are a criminal organization that originally started out as firefighters in the Edo era (1603~1868). They usually have their organization name that is Japanese last name and kumi 組 (group) or ikka 一家 (family). Yamaguchi-gumi 山口組 (Yamaguchi group), is the biggest Yakuza organization. For their business, many times they pretend to be like normal people or businesses to hide … Continue reading Japanese Mafia, Yakuza

Suica vs PASMO

To travel around in Japan Suica and PASMO are very useful to pay the commuting fee. ♧*:;;;;;;:*♧*:;;;;;;:*♧*:;;;;;;:*♧*:;;;;;;:*♧*:;;;;;;:* These two passes are provided by two different companies. Suica = JR PASMO = Other 11 trains like Tokyo metro and 19 bus businesses provide. Yet, you can use Suica not only JR but other trains as well, like subway and busses, as well as you can use … Continue reading Suica vs PASMO

(o✪‿✪o) Ramen Flavors

Although ramen originally came from China 350 years ago, ramen has developed and changed a lot in Japan, so Japanese ramen is now quite specifically defined as Japanese food. In Japan ramen restaurants are everywhere, like a coffee shop, you can find it on almost every street corner. Basically, Ramen has 5 main different flavors. Shio Based on chicken, pork, and vegetable stock with salt … Continue reading (o✪‿✪o) Ramen Flavors