How to Survive Allergy Season in Japan

The beautiful spring season has come. It’s getting warmer, hitting 20℃ during the day and more sunny days. It’s not humid or dry either. Flowers blooming and seasonal decorations and foods are everywhere in Japan. Many people are excited as the spring approaches so that we can see the cherry blossoms blooming everywhere and Japan becomes full of gorgeous pink blossoms. It’s perfect days to … Continue reading How to Survive Allergy Season in Japan

Japanese Street Sweet Snack Taiyaki

Taiyaki; たい焼き is a Japanese classic sweet from more than 100 years ago, and still today you can find a Taiyaki store easily on the street or at food courts of shopping mall or supermarket. The outside is crispy and inside of the waffle is soft and slightly sweet with sweet red bean paste filling. 1 piece of Taiyaki is cheap usually from 100 yen to … Continue reading Japanese Street Sweet Snack Taiyaki

Study Japanese from Funny Short Video

  今回中岡は、左右にスティックを動かし10回できたら成功 This time, Nakaoka has to move the stick left and right 10 times in order to succeed.   10回? 10 times? しかしこれ、簡単そうに見えるが、かなり難しい。This seems easy, but it is quite difficult. あぁ Sigh いくでー Ready? いくよー go 1時間後 1 hour later 2時間後 2 hours later 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 やれどもやれども、まったく上達しない。Even keep trying, he doesn’t get better. やれどもやれども Even trying so many times/ keep getting … Continue reading Study Japanese from Funny Short Video

TOP 5 Over-rice food 丼🍚 in Japan

Japan has lots of 丼ぶり; donburi which is something-over-rice food, for example, meat over rice or raw fish over rice etc. You can put pretty anything over rice. It usually matches any combination. Here is the most popular donburi in Japan.   1.Tendon – Tempura over rice It is a very good this dish with teriyaki sauce. 2. Gyudon – meat over rice The meat … Continue reading TOP 5 Over-rice food 丼🍚 in Japan

Japanese Study with Short Video teikou penguin

Here is a good short video for you to study Japanese.   ブラック企業; black kigyou is a company that has bad working conditions. If you work for this kind of company, you have to do overtime a lot, have no good training for employees, receive power harassment from your boss, and so on. The opposite, ホワイト企業;white kigyou is a good company that has good and … Continue reading Japanese Study with Short Video teikou penguin

White day?

In Japan, February 14th it is Valentine’s day. It’s a day where girls give chocolates to guys. Mainly, from girlfriends to their boyfriends or girls gives chocolates to guys to approach them. But many girls give 義理チョコ; giri choco which give appreciation or gratitude to any guys at work or family. Also, many girls give chocolates even to their girl friends. Why Chocolate? This is … Continue reading White day?

Japanese Healthy Food

When it comes to health, generally, the Japanese diet is much healthier than the American one. American obesity is above 30%, whereas Japanese obesity is less than 5%. Indeed when I was in the States, there were so many times I was shocked about how American people ate so unhealthily. In Japan, there are lots of access to reasonably healthy food while America not so much. A … Continue reading Japanese Healthy Food